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Sasyachook - (Enuresis) Kids Bedwetting Alarm

Sasyachook - (Enuresis) Kids Bedwetting Alarm
Sasyachook - (Enuresis) Kids Bedwetting Alarm Sasyachook - (Enuresis) Kids Bedwetting Alarm Sasyachook - (Enuresis) Kids Bedwetting Alarm
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What if there were a bedwetting solution so effective, it used clinically proven methodology and had over 100,000+ success stories to back it up? Just imagine your child confidence improving with fewer nights interrupted by bed wetting.

The breakthrough Sasyachook bed wetting alarm sets the standard as the leader of bed wetting alarms. Now available in our latest 2nd Generation version. We took everything that made the original a bestseller and now made it even better:

1. Newly updated and unique circuitry that is smart enough to prevent accidents when other alarms can simply fail.

2. We completely re-imaged the all-new case that is beautifully crafted from medical grade plastic for premium and solid construction to ensure maximum reliability.

3. The new moisture sensor clip is now 3X stronger to withstand even the most restless of sleepers.

4. Quite simply, this is the best Sasyachook bedwetting alarm to quickly and reliably put an end to bedwetting.

5. Alarms comprise an Audible tone, Flashing Light and vibration sensor.

Sleek Sasyachook Alarm (Gen. II) with updated circuitry for remarkable results
Easy quick connect cable to quickly and easily turn off the alarm
Innovative Moisture Sensor with easy clip to attach to underpants closest to the first sign of moisture
Quick Start Guide to ensure the absolute best results
Batteries Included. Start using your new bedwetting alarm right out of the box!

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